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Tips to prepare for CUET MA Economics Entrance

Follow the syllabus consistently: You don't have to do everything in economics. Only do the relevant topics based on the past year papers.

Be consistent: Try to sit for atleast 2-3 hours every day. Don't skip any day. Towards the approach of exam, try to sit for atleast 4-5 hours to revise the syllabus.

Do not compare yourself with anyone

Have all basic books with you : For microeconomics, follow Varian. For maths, Hammond, For macro, Dornbusch. For stats, Devore.

Solve questions from Varian Workbook.

Ask doubts

Do past years’ papers : You can’t escape this. You can download past years papers of CUET , Delhi School of Economics, Jawaharlal Nehru University and start solving them.

Can I Solve MA Economics Entrance without Maths Background ?

Can I pursue economics coming from non-economics background?

Hope this helps and best of luck to all.

For Top 5 Universities that you should target:

For CUET PG Economics Course :

In our next blog, we will discuss about the Top 10 Universities for CUET PG Economics 2023.

Have any doubt or query regarding CUET MA Economics 2023, then feel free to contact us at 8368663950.

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