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BA Economics




Delhi University


Guru Gobind Singh
Indraprastha University

Graduation in Economics

Economics as a subject is growing at a rapid pace and with the global market becoming more interconnected, the demand for economics professionals continues to grow. A Bachelor in Economic Studies will allow students to examine the production, allocation, and consumption of resources, how markets function, and consumer behaviour. Bachelor of Economics degrees focus on topics of study such as international trade and finance, economics and public policy, natural resources and the environment, and research. After completing the graduation in Economics, the students can go on to entry level positions in educational institutions, financial institutions, international organizations, private sector corporations, or government, to name a few options. Further, after being a graduate of economics, your distinct insights can be applied broadly. Students also gain additional knowledge about traditional economic issues like unemployment, taxation, and trade policy, economics allows you to understand and address human challenges like inequality, climate change, corruption, political polarisation, and impediments to education and health care.

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