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RBI Grade B DEPR Study Material

What is the study material for RBI Grade B DEPR ?

In terms of paper for RBI Grade B DEPR Exam, there are 3 papers for the RBI Grade B DEPR Exam based on Economics (Objective & Descriptive Type) and English (Descriptive Type).

As per the last notification, these papers would not only test your basics but your masters level of understanding in Economics. Hence, the required level of papers on Economics would be that of your Master's Degree in Economics which you pursued from any Central University in India. Similarly for English, the aim of the paper on English is suggested to be designed in a manner that assess the writing skills including expression and understanding of the topic.

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Study Material for RBI Grade B DEPR

According to the last notification, there is some reading material which is suggested and include the publications of RBI like

  • Annual Report,

  • Report on Trend and Progress of Banking in India,

  • Monetary Policy Report;

  • The Financial Stability Report; and

  • Economic Survey

That were being published over the previous two years.

Now, based on the syllabus suggested for RBI Grade B DEPR Exam - the following books can referred for study material:-


  • Hal Varian

  • Snyder and W.Nicholson

  • H.L. Ahuja

  • Mankiw


  • Dornbusch

  • Blanchard


  • Sydsaeter and P. Hammond

  • A.C. Chiang


  • Jay L. Devore

  • Miller and Miller

  • SC Gupta


  • Gujarati

Growth and Development

  • Debraj Ray

Development Economics

  • D. Salvatore

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