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MA Economics Entrance Preparation

How to prepare for MA Economics Entrance?

1. Define your GOAL

When it comes to Masters in Economics, then there many institutions which provide the course. You will find institutes which are either government and private institution, or some with years of legacy and some relatively new. However, each institute brings something new to the table for you to pursue Masters from there in terms of faculty, knowledge sharing, placements etc. Usually most of the students aim of pursuing Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics or Indian Statistical Institute.

Its important to define your goal and start working in that direction right away.

So, if you are aiming for DSE, then you should start preparing as per DSE entrance syllabus. Now, many of you will say that,

"We want to give all the major entrances"-

That's Great

Then start Mapping the syllabus of the entrances, this step is important because it will clear things as to what an extend a subject need to covered (considering all the entrance).

This will help you to avoid DOING MORE/EXTRA

2. Start on Time

Now starting on time is very important because giving enough time to preparation helps to:

  • Complete

  • Revise

  • Practice

Now, many of you would ask "what's the ideal time for preparation"

Then, you should at least give ONE YEAR to preparation, irrespective of which entrance you are aiming for. Also, students who have been consistent throughout the under graduation, can work it out in comparatively lesser duration as well.

3. Complete the syllabus

Many students say "the syllabus is huge or its too much to cover"

Then, you must consider that majority of the syllabus which comes in the entrance is something you must have studied to a certain extent, which means its not something completely new. Now, you need to simply focus on the additional or new concepts/topics which you haven't done till now and focus more on it.

4. Past Year Papers

Solve as many past years as possible. Past years questions are like lottery for your preparation because they give an idea or a hint as to what you can expect from the upcoming question paper.

5. Mock Papers

At least solve 2-3 Mock papers based on the specific entrance which you are going to give. These you additional questions to practice based on the type of questions which are being asked in the exams.

In the next blog, we will discuss about the tips which you can follow for your MA Economics Entrance Preparations.

Till next time, HAPPY LEARNING

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Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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That's all for today and till next time or next blog keep learning.

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