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IIT JAM Economics Online Coaching

Updated: May 22

Which is the best online coaching institute for IIT JAM Economics?

IIT JAM Economics Online Coaching
IIT JAM Economics Online Coaching

Economics has been introduced recently in 2021 to expand the facility for the candidate appearing for the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Admission Test for M.Sc. Being one of the newest courses, there are very FEW institutes across India which provide coaching for IIT JAM Economics. One of them is your own ArthaPoint :P

Learning never STOPS

An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” - Benjamin Franklin

Considering that the subject is new, there are couple aspects which should be taken care of before enrolling with any institute. These aspects include:-

  1. Faculty Profile - it matters who teaches you.

  2. Teaching Ability - it makes complex concepts seem easy.

Many institutes who were teaching IIT JAM in other subjects, have now added Economics to their CART OF COURSES. Now, what exactly this means is that you don't justify the course with quality faculty and rely on brand image gained via other IIT JAM courses offered. At the same time, some of them might be genuine and may actually provide good coaching. But always make sure to take a demo class irrespective of the popularity or brand image of the institute.

That's all for today and till next time or next blog keep learning.

Check out our YouTube video on IIT JAM Economics :

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