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IIT JAM Economics Exam Pattern

Updated: Apr 17

Better understanding of Question Paper Pattern and Question’s Language -Guarantee of Better Result

IIT JAM Economics Exam Pattern
IIT JAM Economics Exam Pattern

IIT JAM Economics Exam gives candidates the ability to improve their skills with the demanding work they perform.

Learning never STOPS

“Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty.” - Henry Ford

The below mentioned pattern is based on the previous year’s exam pattern.

Mode - Online Computer Based Test (CBT)

Duration - 3 hours

Medium - English

Number of questions - 60

Marks - 100 marks

Number of Sections - Three A,B & C

Sections - All sections are compulsory

Questions type - Each section will be of different types as given below:

Section A – 30 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ)

Section B – 10 Multiple Select Questions (MCQ)

Section C – 20 Numerical type Questions (NTQ)


In all sections, questions not attempted will result in zero marks. In Section-A (MCQ), wrong answer will result in negative marks. For each wrong answer to 1 mark questions, 1/3 mark will be deducted, and similarly, for each wrong answer to 2 marks questions, 2/3 mark will be deducted. In Section-B (MSQ), there are no negative and no partial marking provisions. There is no negative marking in Section-C (NAT) as well.

Points to remember - Don't forget

  • There is a provision for using an online virtual calculator. The candidates, therefore, should not bring any calculator with them.

  • A scribble pad will be provided for rough work, and this has to be returned at the end of the examination.

  • The candidates are required to select the answer for MCQ and MSQ type questions using the mouse. The answer for NAT questions can be entered using a virtual numeric keypad (the keyboard of the computer will be disabled).

That's all for today and till next time or next blog keep learning.

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