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IIT JAM Economics 2023 Preparation

Should I start IIT JAM Economics 2023 preparation now?

Should I start NOW or WAIT?

IIT JAM Economics is one of the new entrant to the IIT JAM family and on cracking IIT JAM Economics you can enroll for a two year M.Sc. Economics course to pursue masters in Economics. Being comparatively new exam, there are two kinds of scenario:-

  • Scenario 1 - not many students are still aware about IIT JAM Economics

  • Scenario 2 - students don't want to give because they find it fairly new (doubt quality and placements) OR thinks it would be too tough because IIT sets standards a bit too high

Meanwhile, before we go further, hope everyone of you have downloaded the IIT JAM Economics 2022 Question Paper from our earlier blog, if not then you can download now.

You can also watch the IIT JAM Economics 2022 Question Paper Analysis on our YouTube

Learning never STOPS

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” - Nelson Mandela

IIT JAM Economics 2023 Preparation - START EARLY

Now, what happens is 6/10 students are still not clear about IIT JAM Economics 2023 and are still thinking should we give it or not. Last year, students JOINED in the month of December as well and in fact more than 20 queries came in the first half of January as well (with exam just one month away).

The reason of the above statement is that, PLEASE don't wait till the last months for your preparation. The simple point to preparation for IIT JAM Economics 2023 is START EARLY.

When we aim for something then we want to give more than 100% towards achieving it, towards its preparation then why do we wait till the end for in case of our exams. It doesn't matter how you are preparing but starting early gives you many advantages like:-

  • Completion of syllabus on time

  • More than one revision

  • Practicing past years

  • Practicing as many mock papers as possible

  • Focusing more on weak topics

So, we will discuss about the strategies in another blog but for this blog on when to start your IIT JAM Economics 2023 preparation - START EARLY

Start YOUR PREPARATION Now, which gives you exact 12 Months or 1 Year to prepare

IIT JAM Economics 2023 course details -

IIT JAM Economics 2023 course enrollment -

Important Points

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Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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That's all for today and till next time or next blog keep learning.

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