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CUET MA Economics 100 Days 100 Questions - Day Three

Updated: May 23, 2023

ArthaPoint - 100 Days 100 Question Day 3

ArthaPoint CUET MA Economics - 100 Days 100 Questions

ArthaPoint has started a series named CUET MA Economics 2023 100 Days 100 Questions for all the students aiming to give CUET MA Economics 2023 (PGQP44 Economics) exam. This blog is on CUET MA Economics 2023 preparation Day 3.

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CUET PGQP44 Economics Series - Question 3 - Day 3

Question : 3

Day : 3

Subject : Macroeconomics

Question : Match List I with List II and select the correct answer using the codes

List I

C = 4 + 0.6Y

I = 80 -5i

0.3y - 20i-150=0

0.3y + 20i-150=0

List II

LM Function

IS Function

Consumption Function

Investment Function

Options :

A. 3,4,1,2

B. 4,3,1,2 C. 3,4,2,1 D. 4,1,2,3

Correct answer : A

Solution : Detailed Solution

Why should you practice more questions ?


Attempting, solving or trying questions help you in building confidence and enhances your question-solving abilities. You get an idea about different type of questions, rough time needed for solving different types of questions, etc. These questions help you in building a positive attitude and combating nervousness.

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