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Career Prospects of RBI Grade B Officer

What are the Career Prospects of RBI Grade B Officer?

When it comes to right career path its a very important decision to make as choosing the right career path can be as difficult as climbing a mountain. Considering the current time, where there are endless choices, therefore selecting the best becomes a tough choice. Now, joining an institution like Reserve Bank of India as RBI Grade B officer is a huge thing. The importance of joining RBI Grade B Officer is not only on personal level but on professional and career level as well.

In terms of official notification regarding the RBI Grade B examination - it is expected to be released in early 2022.

When it comes to job profile of the RBI Grade B Officer, it is one of the most interesting profile for banking enthusiasts. There are various departments in which the Grade-B officer can be posted like Banking Regulation, Financial Markets, Currency Issuing, Banking Supervision, Public Debt Office, Foreign Exchange. Further, the job profile of the RBI Grade B Officer can vary as per the location of their job posting as well. Also, they can be posted in any of these departments and at any of the locations across India.

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Other important information about Career Prospects of RBI Grade B Officer ?

  • The initial appointment of the selected candidates will be on probation for two years.

  • Also based on Bank’s discretion, the mentioned probation period can be increased from 2 years to 4 years.

  • Once, the probationary period is completed, the candidates become eligible for organizational promotions.

  • Once completed, they will get their posting or can get transfer anywhere across India.

Note: If the candidates have high academic qualifications or if they are professionally advanced, or if they have relevant/ significant experience in the banking sector, then they will be considered for four advance increments.

Once the probation period is completed, the aspirants will get a promotion. Below are the posts that the RBI Grade B Officer gets promoted to are as follows -

  • Assistant manager

  • Manager

  • Assistant general manager

  • Deputy general manager

  • General manager

  • Executive director

  • Deputy governor

Therefore as per the above mentioned order, the RBI Grade B officer can become Deputy Governor who directly reports to the Governor - who is directly appointed by the government. Deputy Governor position is the second-highest post as per the RBI hierarchy level.

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