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SNU MSc Economics Entrance Exam Syllabus

Updated: Mar 21

Shiv Nadar University or popularly known as SNU, is a renowned name among students who want to pursue Masters in Economics. The SNU MSc Economics course is available at their huge campus in Delhi NCR. Now, in this blog we will discuss about Shiv Nadar University MSc Economics Entrance Exam Syllabus.

Shiv Nadar University MSc Economics Entrance Exam Syllabus
Shiv Nadar University MSc Economics Entrance Exam Syllabus

About SNU Economics Department

The Economics department of Shiv Nadar University or SNU offers curriculum which offers a theoretical foundation with focus on applications and strong grounding in quantitative methods and econometrics as well. The students go through fairly top class in-depth and rigorous coaching, mentoring and training for different tools which enable them to contribute to the different sectors of the economy like academics, social, corporate sector, policy making and others.

SNU MSc Economics Entrance Exam Syllabus

The SNU MSc Economics course is designed to provide students with a rigorous & comprehensive understanding of the fundamental aspects of economics while showing them to the latest developments in the field.

Here is the SNU MSc Economics Entrance syllabus for your reference:


Permutations and Combinations, Sets and Relations, Functions, Limits, Continuity, Differential, and Integral Calculus, Unconstrained and Constrained Optimization

Logic: Sentential Logic, Categorical Syllogism

Macroeconomics: Inflation, Money Multiplier, Quantity Theory of Money, Solow Growth Model, IS/LM and AS/ AD, Stabilization Policy, Unemployment, Exchange Rates

Microeconomics: Theory of Consumer and Producer Behavior; Market Structures: Perfect Competition, Monopoly and Oligopoly, General Equilibrium

Statistics: Descriptive Statistics: Measures of Central Tendency, Dispersion, Skewness and Kurtosis, Probability Theory, Sampling, Estimation, Inference, and Hypothesis Testing

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