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What is RBI Grade B DEPR?

Considering the current time, where there are many options to choose from, therefore selecting the best becomes a tough choice. Now, joining an institution like Reserve Bank of India as RBI Grade B officer can be a huge thing for many aspirants. The position brings in sense of great achievement not only on personal level but on professional and career level as well.

Now coming to RBI Grade B DEPR, Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has been annually (considering recent past years) conducting RBI Grade B Exam for the recruitment of Grade Officers RBI and it includes Grade ‘B’ (General) - DR, DEPR (Department of Economic & Policy Research) and DSIM (Department of Statistics and Information Management) .

But what exactly is RBI Grade B DEPR all about?

Learning never STOPS

“In learning you will teach, and in teaching you will learn.” -Phil Collins

RBI Grade B DEPR Job Requirement

The job requirement of RBI Grade B is primarily to undertake economic analysis and research and contribute to policy formulation, apart from compilation of data relating to select sectors. Now coming to the meaning of RBI Grade B DEPR, then means Department of Economic Policy and Research

D - Department of

E - Economic

P - Policy

R - Research

RBI Grade B DEPR different from other positions because this position is a specialist position designated for Economics Post Graduates aspirants. This is the ideal and of the best opportunity to work at an ecosystem that encourages continuous learning, an equal opportunity work environment, a supportive HR climate and, of course, an attractive compensation structure.

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