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Prepare for IIT JAM Economics

Updated: May 22

How should I prepare for IIT JAM Economics?

IIT JAM Economics is one of the most recent addition to list of entrance exams. The addition can certainly be credited to the ever increasing demand of economists across the globe in different domains. Therefore, not only economics graduate but non economics students coming from engineering, commerce background also wants to shift and pursue Masters in Economics. So, the two year M.Sc. in Economics program is one of the best options to pursue Masters in Economics through cracking IIT JAM Economics entrance.

Now, just any other professional or entrance exam, it is very important to strategize or plan for your respective exams.

Learning never STOPS

“Change is the end result of all true learning” - Leo Buscaglia

Planning IIT JAM Economics

When it comes to any exam, then it is very important to create a study plan as that allows you to see how you spend your time on different topics, and it ensures that you are setting aside good amount of time outside of class to practice assignments, study for tests, and revise what you learned.

Strategy for IIT JAM Economics

Many students get a little confused when they have decide or create their won strategy to plan the preparation.

As per the curriculum/syllabus, there are overall five subjects:





Indian Economy

Now, before you start your preparation, you must be aware of the marking scheme for IIT JAM Economics, understand the exam paper pattern of IIT JAM Economics, and then analyze the syllabus as well.

In order to score good marks in IIT JAM Economics Exam, don’t skip any topic but give importance based on the weightage of subject or topics based on past year.

Past year papers are very important, as they you an idea as to what kind of questions might be asked, which topics are important. Therefore, in any scenario practice all the questions and don’t skip any question from the previous year paper/s of IIT JAM Economics.

Mock papers are very important and regular practice on a daily basis is very important in order to sharpen your understanding of question and allow you to give quick answers.

Now, if you are our student then you already know that ArthaPoint is always available to solve your doubts irrespective of the batch you are enrolled in (Live or Recorded). Hence, don’t hesitate to ask doubts in order to prepare better for IIT JAM Economics.


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Video Lecture

This is one complete full fledge strategy for IIT JAM Economics, especially with just couple of months are remaining

That's all till the next blog, keep learning till then.

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