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Number of seats for IIT JAM Economics 2022

How many seats are available for M.Sc. in Economics from IIT on cracking IIT JAM Economics 2022?

Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Roorkee will be conducting Joint Admission Test for Masters, JAM on February 13, 2022 with registrations starting from 30th August, 2021.

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IIT Delhi and IIT Roorkee are offering the two year M.Sc. in Economics course, now students also want to know that how many seats are exactly available for this course. So, like always, we have you covered and below is all the details available related to the same.

IIT Delhi - 25 seats

GEN - 9 + 1*

EWS - 2


SC - 4

ST - 2

IIT Roorkee - 33

GEN - 13

EWS - 3


SC - 4 + 1*

ST - 2 + 1*

* indicates seats reserved for persons with disabilities

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