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JNU preparation strategy

What are the preparation strategies for JNU ?

Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) is one of India's most reputed university. JNU has produced many Economists who are or have been at significant high positions. JNU is a place where you can find students coming from every part of India. JNU is known for it's freedom and the level of independence it provides and the idea of equality it enshrines.

JNU MA Economics course is quite unique in terms of course content as it enables students to work with analytical tools and techniques required to learn world economy. The Department is among the premier institution for teaching and research in Economics, which is recognized as a Centre for Advanced Studies by the University Grants Commission (UGC) . You can find the course details on the JNU website

importance to important topic only & not everything needs to be done

Also, JNU exam is comparatively easy than DES and ISI Entrance Exam.

Conceptual Clarity is important

You should focus on the approach and not the formula. Now, in terms of strategy you can follow the following below mentioned steps:-

Step 1 - Complete the syllabus as per the entrance exam

Step 2 - Practice past year paper, at least 10 years

Step 3 - Revise the topics in which you faced problem, while solving the past years

Step 4 - Practice mock papers, at least 5 mock papers of each.

ArthaPoint has a 3 level course structure which makes sure that your preparation more effective and in depth as well, we starts right from :

  • Basic level

  • Intermediate level

  • Advance level

You can also refer to certain books for your MA Economics Entrance preparation.

We hope this blog was helpful.

Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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