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What are the details of Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics course is offered at ISI Tezpur ?

Indian Statistical Institute was founded on 17th December, 1931 by Professor P.C. Mahalanobis in Kolkata and being once initiated in a small laboratory at the Presidency College, Calcutta, ISI has grown into one of India's top institution of higher learning in India. Therfore, ISI is one of the highly rated institution in India. In lines with the logo of ISI, the Banyan tree with its myriad roots, and it's motto "Bhinneshvaikasya Darshanam" or Unity in Diversity, ISI has become the cradle of development in different fields like statistics, mathematics, computer science, social sciences, Economics.

ISI Tezpur or the North-East centre of ISI was established in 2011 in the Tezpur University campus. ISI Tezpur was then relocated on June 1, 2019 to its newly constructed permanent campus at Punioni, Tezpur. This meant that ISI Tezpur is the fourth centre of ISI, along with joining the existing ones in Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai. ISI North-East Centre provides a one year Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics. ISI Tezpur is actively involved in training & research and has many major research units. It aims to create professionals who have strong Statistical background which can be helpful in Planning, Forecasting and Model Building etc.

Post Graduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics course is aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and training in terms of both basic theory and applications of Statistical Methods and Analytics. The course is designed in such a manner that once you complete it then you are able to take up jobs especially in the domain of Statistics at any level or industries or firm where where application of Statistics is required.

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ISI Tezpur Eligibility

An applicant must have :

  1. Bachelor's degree in any discipline with Mathematics as a subject or

  2. (a) BE/B.Tech degree or (b) any other qualification considered equivalent (such as AMIE).

Important Note

The domiciled candidates from the North-Eastern states must also have a domicile certificate of North-Eastern states from a recognized authority.

ISI Tezpur Selection Process

Selection process include a written test and an interview. The written test consists of multiple-choice and/or short-answer questions in Basic Mathematics at pass/minor level of Bachelor's degree.

ISI Tezpur Postgraduate Diploma in Statistical Methods and Analytics

  • The total duration of this programme is one year.

  • This year it is offered at Chennai and the ISI North-East Centre, Tezpur.

  • This programme is open to candidates from all over India.

  • However, Fifty percent (50%) of the total number of seats at ISI North East (Tezpur) centre is reserved for the students domiciled in the North-Eastern states of India.

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