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Introductory Statistics for Economics

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  • Syllabus - Introductory STATISTICS

Unit - 1
Introduction and Overview
The distinction between populations and samples and between population parameters and sample statistics. Pictorial Methods in Descriptive Statistics; Measures of Location and Variability.

Unit - 2
Elementary Probability Theory
Sample spaces and events; probability axioms and properties; counting techniques; conditional probability and Bayes’ rule; independence

Unit - 3
Random Variables and Probability Distributions
Defining random variables; probability distributions; expected values and functions of random variables.

Unit - 4
Sample Distributors
Sample Distributions Properties of commonly used discrete and continuous distributions (uniform, binomial, exponential, Poisson, hypergeometric and Normal random variables). 

Unit - 5
Random sampling and jointly distributed random variables
Density and distribution functions for jointly distributed random variables; computing expected values of jointly distributed random variables; conditional distributions and expectations, covariance and correlation.

References Books
1. Devore, J. (2012). Probability and statistics for engineers, 8th ed. Cengage Learning.
2. Miller, I., Miller, M. (2017). J. Freund’s mathematical statistics with applications, 8th ed. Pearson.

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