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Introductory Econometrics Coaching

Learn from Former Delhi University Professor

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ABOUT Introductory Econometrics COURSE

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Unit - 1 
Simple Linear Regression Model

OLS method of Estimation and Properties of estimators, Measures of Fit. Testing of Hypotheses. Prediction

Books: Gujarati: Ch 2. Ch 3

Unit - 2

Multiple Linear Regression Model

OLS method of mtimation and Properties of OLS estimators. Testing of Hypotheses, Measures of fit

Books: Gujarati: Ch 4 

Unit - 3
Functional Forms and Qualitative independent variables

Nonlinear Models and Transformation
 of Variables, Dummy variables 
Books: Gujarati: Ch 5. Ch 6 (excluding 6.7)

Unit - 4

Violations of assumptions


Consequences. Detection. and Remedies: Multicollinearity, Heteroscedasticity, Serial Correlation

Books: Gujarati: Ch 8. Ch 9 (Excluding Sec 9.5). Ch 10 (Excluding Sec 10.6. Appendix 10A)

Unit - 5

Specification Analysis

Model selection criteria, types of specification errors, omitted variable bias. inclusion of irrelevant variables. incorrect functional form, errors of measurement.

Books: Gujarati: Ch 7

References Books

1. Gujarati, D., Porter, D. (2010). Essentials of econometrics, 4th ed. McGrawHill.

2. Wooldridge, J. (2019). Introductory econometrics: A modern approach, 7th ed. Cengage Learning


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