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Introductory Econometrics

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Introductory Econometrics Syllabus DU

Unit 1 Nature and scope of econometrics

Unit 2 Simple linear regression model:

Two variable case Ordinary least squares estimation of a linear model; properties of estimators; goodness of fit; testing of hypotheses; scaling and units of measurement; confidence intervals; the GaussMarkov theorem; forecasting and prediction

Unit 3 Multiple linear regression model
Extension of the single explanatory variable case to a multivariate setting; introducing non-linearities through functions of explanatory variables

Unit 4 Violations of classical assumptions:
Consequences, detection and remedies Multicollinearity; heteroscedasticity; serial correlation

Unit 5 Specification Analysis
Omission of a relevant variable; inclusion of irrelevant variable; specification tests

References Books
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Regression, least squares, linear models

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