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Intermediate Microeconomics II Coaching

Learn from Former Delhi University Professor

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ABOUT Intermediate Microeconomics II COURSE

  • Full Course Video Lectures

  • Complete syllabus as PER LATEST SYLLABUS BY DU

  • Notes Provided in PDF Format

  • Answer Writing Practice

  • Previous Year Question Papers Discussed

  • 24 x 7 Doubt Resolution

  • Important Questions from Chapter Covered

Unit - 1 

Monopoly pricing, Inefficiency, Price discrimination, Regulation
Book : AMG Chapter 10, 11

Unit - 2
General equilibrium

Exchange economy, Robinson Crusoe economy, Pareto optimality, Welfare theorems, Welfare and social choice

Book : SF Chapter 15 | DSEM - Applications, Chapter 9

Unit - 3
Models of Monopolistic Competition

Firms with differentiated products, mark-up, short-run and long-run equilibrium
Book : S
F Chapter 12

Unit - 4



Market inefficiency under externalities, Pigou tax, Coase theorem, Market creation and other solutions

Book : AMG Chapter 17


Unit - 5

Public Good


Inefficiency of market equilibrium, Optimal public good provision, Free rider problem, Lindahl taxes

Book : SF Chapter 18

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