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Intermediate Microeconomics I

Demo Lecture


  • Hybrid batch 


  • Recorded lectures

  • Quick Doubt Resolution

  • Complete syllabus covered AS PER DU

  • Assignments

  • E-Notes

  • Access for 6 months

  • Fee - Rs 4,500

  • Book - Hal varian

Unit - 1
Consumer theory. Preference; utility; budget constraint; choice; demand; Slutsky equation; buying and selling; choice under risk and intertemporal choice; revealed preference

Unit - 2
Production, costs and perfect competition Technology; isoquants; production with one and more variable inputs; returns to scale; short run and long run costs; cost curves in the short run and long run; review of perfect competition

References Books
1. Bernheim, B., Whinston, M. (2009). Microeconomics. Tata McGraw- Hill.
2. Snyder, C., Nicholson, W. (2010). Fundamentals of microeconomics. Cengage Learning.
3. Varian, H. (2010)

Consumer theory, producer theory, perfect competition

Amendment as per the last meeting on 11th August, 2020

*As per the notice on DSE Website

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