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Intermediate Macroeconomics II Coaching

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ABOUT Intermediate Macroeconomics II COURSE

  • Full Course Video Lectures

  • Complete syllabus covered AS PER DU

  • Notes Provided in PDF Format

  • Answer Writing Practice

  • Previous Year Question Papers Discussed

  • 24 x 7 Doubt Resolution

  • Important Questions from Chapter Covered

Unit - 1 

Fiscal and monetary policies 

Active or passive monetary policies; time inconsistency; monetary policy objectives and targets; rules versus discretion; IS-PC-MR model; fiscal policy; the government budget constraint; government debt and Ricardian equivalence.

a) Blanchard and Johnson, Section 22.2, 23.2, 23.3, 23.4 (excluding discussion on Money Finance), 24.3
b) Carlin and Sosk

Unit - 2

Financial markets and crisis 

Introduction to financial markets, Financial crises and liquidity trap a) Blanchard and Johnson, Chapter 9

Unit - 3

Issues in open economy

Short-run open economy models; Mundell-Fleming model; Exchange rate determination; purchasing power parity; asset market approach; Dornbusch‘s overshooting model; monetary approach to balance of payments; International financial markets. a) Dornbusch and Fischer, Chs.6 and 20 (20.1 and 20.2).
b) D. Salvatore, Ch.14 (14.1–14.6D and appendix), Ch.15 (including appendix) and Ch.20.6.

References Books
• Blanchard, O and Johnson David R. (2013), Macroeconomics, 6th ed. (Global ed.), Pearson Education.
• Salvatore, D. (2007), International Economics 8th ed., Wiley.
• Dornbusch, R. and Fischer, S. (1994), Macroeconomics, 6th ed. McGraw-Hill.
• Carlin, Wendy and Soskice, David (2006), Macroeconomics: Imperfections, Institutions & Policies. Indian Edition, Oxford University Press

1. Semester-end Examination: 90 marks
The question paper will have roughly 50% weightage from unit 3 and the remaining 50% from units 1 and 2 together. The paper will consist of three sections of 30 marks each:
• Section A will have 15 MCQs/one-line-answer questions of 2 marks each, with no choice of any kind. The question paper will have clear instructions for this section that students must write only the correct answers in this section and NOT explanations.
• In Section B, students will be required to do any 6 out of 8 questions for 5 marks each.

• In Section C, students will be required to do any 3 out of 4 questions of 10 marks each.

2. Continuous Assessment (40 marks) and Internal Assessment (30 marks): As per the University guidelines.

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