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UPSC Indian Economic Service Job Profile

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

What is the role of Indian Economic Service IES ?

The role of an Indian Economic Service (IES) officer is not limited to a particular deparment or ministry throughout their tenure. The role is evolving at every stage of their career. As mentioned in the previous blog, they perform duties as the economic advisers to the different departments and ministries in all policy-related matters on all internal and external management decisions. Moreover, the scope of their work also include international organizations like the United Nations, foreign governments, and other regulatory bodies during different stages of their career.

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Indian Economic Service Officer

One can categorize the role of an Indian Economic Service officer in terms of economic advice, administration, and implementation of different development policies and programmes. The role also include different measures or steps like economic reforms, price fixation, regulation, monitoring and evaluation as well.

The role of an Indian Economic Service officers enables them to be exposed to almost all the sectors of economy and different government functions at different levels. Due this, Indian Economic Service officers play a very significant and versatile role as are known as in-house economist who posses immense domain knowledge and experience.

The role of an Indian Economic Service Officer is to ensure that economic implications of policy changes are properly analyzed before finalizing, and also enable different Ministries and Departments to lead the reforms as per the directions of the respective Government. This helps in a way that the policies initiated by individual Ministries and Departments are in line or consistent with the overall direction of economic policy which are mentioned in the Union budget, Five-Year Plans, etc.

The role of Indian Economic Service officers is broad in nature, particularly Economic Advisers, who are required to be closely associated with the economic reforms in the Ministries and Department in which they are posted. They are also required to advise the concerned Ministries and Departments, on a continuous basis, on matters related to all different policies which have an impact on internal and external economic management.

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