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Updated: May 22

I am from engineering background, can I do M.Sc Economics from IIT through IIT JAM Economics?

IIT is one name that every student or parent have in their minds for better and prosperous future. Earlier, it was mainly limited to engineering and science but couple of years back IIT launched MSc Economics through IIT JAM Economics Entrance. Similarly, GATE Economics was launched. This introduction of Economics at different IITs shows the increasing importance of the subject and shows opportunities as well.

Now, the most important question - Can students from any background like Science, Arts, Commerce etc give IIT JAM Economics 2023 and also can they actually do it?


So, as per the recent eligibility criteria "All candidates admitted through JAM should have a Bachelor’s degree."

So, YES students from any background like Science, Arts, Commerce can attempt IIT JAM Economics 2023 exam BUT make sure you have genuine interest in Economics as a subject.

Cracking IIT JAM Economics 2023

Our student Chandrashis Mazumdar secured AIR in both IIT JAM Economics 2022 & GATE Economics 2022. He comes from NON ECONOMICS BACKGROUND.

We believe this answers a lot many question for students coming from different domains. Everyone can do it as long as they are Consistent & Determined.

With our 3 level course structure for IIT JAM Economics 2023 which include

  • Basic Level

  • Intermediate Level

  • Advance Level

We make sure aspirants have conceptual clarity and have strong base to build upon for not only entrance but also future prospects as well.

For any query, you can also, contact us at 8368663950

IIT JAM Economics 2023 Syllabus Discussion

We hope this blog was helpful.

Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

For course enrollment or query, please drop us WhatsApp at 8368663950


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