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IIT JAM Economics 2022 Difficulty Level

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Check subject wise difficulty level of paper, marking criteria

Hope everyone of you have downloaded the IIT JAM Economics 2022 Question Paper from our earlier blog, if not then you can download now.

IIT JAM Economics 2022 exam was conducted on February 13, 2022. IIT JAM 2022 question paper analysis has been shared by ArthaPoint on our YouTube Channel as well. The paper is considered to be easy to moderate overall.

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IIT JAM Economics 2022 Question Paper Analysis


Total Questions - 15 Questions

Total Marks - 26 Marks

Level - Easy


Total Questions - 17 Questions

Total Marks - 26 Marks

Level - Easy

*1 Questions from International Economics


Total Questions - 8 Questions

Total Marks - 14 Marks

Level - Moderate

*3 Questions from Econometrics


Total Questions - 13 Questions

Total Marks - 22 Marks

Level - Moderate

Indian Economy

Total Questions - 7 Questions

Total Marks - 12 Marks

Level - Easy

IIT JAM Economics 2022 Question Paper Analysis Video on ArthaPoint YouTube Channel

Important Points

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