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IIT JAM Economics & Career Opportunities

What are the career opportunities post IIT JAM Economics?

The demand for economists across the globe is increasing at a rapid pace. This has led to immense opportunities for Economics professionals. Once you complete the course, it enhances your ability to improve your skills set as per the industry demand and norms.

Learning never STOPS

Education is one thing no one can take away from you.” - Elin Nordegren

Economics is an all round subject with its applications spanning across different sectors like insurance, banking, financial services, analytics, management etc. The scope of Economics is broad and highly promising, and when backed with a master’s degree, it can open up a host of challenging career opportunities in different fields.

As mentioned earlier, there’s a massive demand for economists in both the national and international markets. Once Masters in Economics is completed, you can either go for higher education like M.Phil/Ph.D. or enter into the job world.

Coming to the prospects, the banking and insurance sectors are also crucial to economists’ job prospects. Also, there is an opportunity in the Government and Private Sector for Economics Graduates in India such as –

  • Banking Services

  • Risk Analyst

  • Financial Analyst

  • Consultant

  • Economist

  • Actuary & Data Analyst

  • Data Scientist

  • Academic Researcher

  • Indian Economic Services (IES)

  • Market Research Analyst

  • Credit Analyst

Overall, an economics degree will boost your employability in many areas, regardless of the industry you work in. Also, it ensures that you stay ahead in the competitive graph and bag high-paying job roles.

That's all for today and till next time or next blog keep learning.

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