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IIT JAM Economics 2022

Can a commerce student attempt IIT JAM Economics?

The field of economics has been evolving for years and is expected to see huge growth over the next decade, mainly due to the increase in available data across industries and thereby the need for professionals with the appropriate training and skills to turn that data into actionable insights. The evolution of the field brings an increase in opportunities for those with a degree in economics.

This has enabled not only economics graduate but also non economics graduates coming from engineering, commerce background to shift and pursue Masters in Economics. However, many students especially from non economics background students have doubts about their eligibility to different entrances for masters in economics.

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So, here we will be clearing the doubt related to IIT JAM Economics. The candidates who qualify in JAM 2022 must fulfill the following Eligibility Requirements (ERs) for admissions:

  • All candidates admitted through JAM should have a Bachelor’s degree.

  • The candidates must pass the qualifying degree examination. In case if a candidate is promoted without a marksheet, the promotion certificate or a document accompanying the promotion certificate duly signed by the Head of the Institute must mention the subjects taken in that semester/year to evaluate the MEQ requirements for admission to a specific program.

  • Foreign nationals with Indian degree are eligible to apply, subject to the admitting institute’s policy.

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