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DSE & Non Economics Background

Updated: May 5, 2022

Is it possible for Non Economics background student to clear DSE entrance ?

Whenever we talk about Masters in Economics then Delhi School of Economics is the first name that comes to everybody's mind to aim for. One can easily say that DSE is the dream college of every student pursuing Economics from any college in the country (Of course, only if they want to pursue Masters in Economics :P).

However, its not only Economics background students but students from other streams as well who want to pursue Economics in their Masters. The reason is pretty simple, everyone sees huge scope in Economics from career point of view. Also, in terms of cost benefit analysis - Masters in Economics is superior to any other course like MBA.

Now, students are easily able to fetch really good placements with more than Rs 10 lakhs p.a. of packages. The number significantly goes up when you do your Masters from an institute like DSE, ISI, MSE etc. Therefore, students wants to shift to Economics for their career choice.


Many students fear that how will they be able to crack the entrance exams when they haven't studied Economics ever or they come from non economics background.

Here are some important points that you need to keep in mind :

Delhi School of Economics MA Economics Entrance

Knowing all about the entrance exam is important - As mentioned, DSE is one of the top institute to pursue Masters in Economics. Its a two year program which combines rigour with relevance and providing student an in-depth and thorough grounding in economic, empirical techniques and contemporary policy debates.

Delhi School of Economics highlights that the programme has students from varied undergraduate backgrounds, including not only economics but also mathematics, physics, and engineering.

Delhi School of Economics MA Economics Entrance Question Papers

DSE previous year question papers

DSE entrance exam question paper

Going the Delhi School of Economics past year papers or previous question papers is very important because it gives you idea about final or actual exam and the questions asked in it.

You can find all the DSE previous year question papers on


DSE Past Year Paper Solution

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To answer your query, we have also prepared a small video which provides you all the information like approach, strategy, books to referred etc.

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We hope this blog was helpful.

Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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