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Delhi University PG admissions through-CUET PG from 2023

Delhi University PG Admission through CUET PG from 2023

Delhi University has decided to discontinue the DUET PG entrance exam from the next academic session and instead take ahead PG admissions through CUET PG 2023.

Delhi University Entrance Test or popularly known as (DUET) is a national level exam conducted by National Testing Agency (NTA) for admission to PG, MPhil & PhD courses in different domains. It is a computer based exam which is conducted once in a year. The entrance exam is solely for admission into Delhi University only.

Central University Entrance Test or popularly known as CUET is again a national level entrance exam which is conducted once every year for admission to different courses into different participating Central Universities from across India. The exam offers a single window to difference colleges from across India.

From 2023-24, Delhi University has decided not to continue with the usual DUET PG entrance exam and after discussion DU has instead decided to accept PG admission through CUET PG 2023. The proposal has also been approved by DU academic council as well. In this matter, a 10-member team had been formed in order to come up with a proper strategy for 2023-24 PG admission. Now, this 10 member team sent the proposal for carrying out DU PG admissions via CUET PG from the next year onwards.

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Admissions scenario right now - DUET

Right now for admission into PG courses at Delhi University, students who are from Delhi University can directly fill 50% of the Delhi University PG seats in respective courses. Whereas other 50% PG seats are filled via entrance exam called DUET conducted by NTA.

Admission scenario from 2023 - CUET PG

According to the academic council, the direct entry of 50% PG seats for DU UG students will remain intact. However, now instead of DUET PG the remaining 50% PG seats will be offered for admission through CUET PG.

What about DSE for MA Economics ?

Going by the details mentioned above and the decision approved by DU academic council, DSE MA Economics entrance will also be included in CUET PG exam. This will for sure impact the quality the exam paper in terms of DSE's reputation which always sets high bar.

However, there is still scope and chance that DSE MA Economics Entrance remains separate & is not included in CUET PG entrance exam. This will make sure that the DSE MA Economics Entrance exam quality is maintained and the bar remains high.

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