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Books for MA Economics Entrance

What are the best books for MA Economics Entrance?

Many students who are pursuing Economics and are in their final year of under graduation start searching for

  • References books for MA Economics Entrance

  • Study Material for MA Economics Entrance

So, when it comes to entrance exams for pursuing Masters in Economics, then there many institutions which take different entrance exams as per different syllabus. However, each institute brings something new to the table for you to pursue Masters from there in terms of faculty, knowledge sharing, placements etc. Usually most of the students aim of pursuing Masters in Economics from Delhi School of Economics or Indian Statistical Institute.

3 Level Course Structure

ArthaPoint is the only institute in India to provide 3 level course structure. Our MA Economics Entrance 2023 course structure is one of its kind which starts right from :

  • Basic level

  • Intermediate level

  • Advance level

So, we will show the reference books accordingly, and you can also watch our full fledge video on the "Reference Books For Masters in Economics"


Basic / Introductory - N. Gregory Mankiw

Intermediate - Hal Varian

Advance - Snyder & Nicholson


Basic / Introductory - N. Gregory Mankiw

Intermediate - Dornbusch / Salvatore / Blanchard

Advance - Lectures Videos


Basic / Introductory - Lecture Videos

Intermediate - Sydsæter & Hammond. / A.C. Chiang

Advance - Lectures Videos


Basic / Introductory - Lecture Videos

Intermediate - Devor

Advance - Lectures Videos


Chapter 1 - 13 - Damodar Gujarati

We hope this blog was helpful.

Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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