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BECC-102 Study Material

Updated: Apr 17

How to study for IGNOU BECC-102 Mathematical Methods for Economics-I ?

BECC-102 Study Material
BECC-102 Study Material

Indira Gandhi National Open University or most commonly known as IGNOU is the world’s largest Open University and considered as India's top university when it comes to open distance education. Like any other university, IGNOU gained reputation for its top quality higher education programmes which are recognized and certified by the government. These programmes are offered through different modes. IGNOU has students from all across the country and overseas as well. Many students consider IGNOUs affordable fees as one of the most appealing factor as well apart from quality education.

In this blog will be about IGNOU BECC-102 Mathematical Methods for Economics-I from BA (H) Economics or BAECH.


Block 1 - Preliminaries

Unit 1 Sets and Set Operations Unit 2 Relations and Functions Unit 3 Logic

Block 2- Functions Of One Independent Variable

Unit 4 Elementary Types of Functions Unit 5 Analytical Geometry Unit 6 Sequences and Series

Block 3- Differentiation

Unit 7 Limits Unit 8 Continuity Unit 9 First-Order Derivatives Unit 10 Higher-Order Derivatives

Block 4- Single-Variable Optimisation

Unit 11 Concave and Convex Functions Unit 12 Optimisation Methods

Block 5- Integration

Unit 13 Indefinite Integrals Unit 14 Definite Integrals

Block 6- Difference Equations

Unit 15 Linear Difference Equations Unit 16 Non-Linear Difference Equations

IGNOU BECC-102 Mathematical Methods for Economics-I

  • Recorded lectures

  • E-Notes

  • Complete syllabus covered

  • 10 Assignments

  • Access 6 months or exam whichever is available

  • Fee - Rs 4,500/-

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Demo video lecture on IGNOU BECC-102 Mathematical Methods for Economics-I

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