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BA (H) Economics 2nd Semester Introductory Macroeconomics

What are the details for Delhi University BA (H) Economics 2nd Semester Introductory Macroeconomics ?

In this blog, we will discuss the syllabus and books to be referred for Introductory Macroeconomics for 2nd Semester BA (H) Economics & General Elective Course II (GE). Knowing your syllabus is one of the preliminary things to begin with for any course or entrance. Syllabus gathers and provides all the vital information about your course in one place and the most simplified manner.


Unit 1. Introduction to Macroeconomics and National Income Accounting

Basic issues studied in macroeconomics; measurements of gross domestic product, income, expenditure and the circular flow; real versus nominal GDP; price indices; national income accounting for open economy, balance of payments accounts, current and capital accounts.

Unit 2. Money

Functions of money; quantity theory of money; determination of money supply and demand; credit creation; tools of monetary policy.

Unit 3. Inflation

Inflation and its costs; hyperinflation.

Unit 4. The Closed Economy in the Short Run

Classical and Keynesian systems; simple Keynesian model of income determination; IS-LM model; fiscal and monetary multipliers.

Books/ Reading to be referred

1. Andrew Abel, Ben Bernanke and Dean Croushore (2011). Macroeconomics (7thedition).

2. Richard T. Froyen (2013). Macroeconomics: Theories and Policies (10th ed.), Pearson.

3. N. Gregory Mankiw (2013). Macroeconomics (8th edition).

4. O. Blanchard (2006). Macroeconomics (6th edition).

5. R. Dornbusch, S. Fischer and R. Startz. Macroeconomics (11th edition).

2nd Semester Introductory Macroeconomics Course Details

  • Recorded lectures

  • E-Notes

  • Quizzes

  • Quick Doubt Resolution

  • Complete syllabus covered

  • 20 Assignments

  • Access 6 months or exam whichever is available

  • Fee - Rs 4,500/-

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Introductory Macroeconomics Syllabus Discussion

We have also prepared a full fledge video on Introductory Macroeconomics for BA (H) Economics 2nd Semester and General Elective (GE) Delhi University.

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