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Vacancies for Indian Economic Service 2022 (IES 2022)

How many vacancies are there for Indian Economic Service 2022 ?

UPSC Civil Service Exams like Indian Economic Service or Indian Statistical Service are highly reputed and many aspirants aim for these profiles. Therefore, its important to know the number of seats/ vacancies available in profile. When there are more seats then it boosts your confidence and motivates you as well in your preparations.

How many vacancies are there for Indian Economic Service Exam 2022 ?

For Indian Economic Service 2022, there are 24 vacancies for aspirants to aim for this year. The number has increased significantly from 15 in 2021 to 24 this year.

There is a detailed video that we have prepared for all the details related to the UPSC Notification 2022 with respect to Indian Economic Service 2022.

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