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What is the syllabus for IIT JAM Economics 2023 ?

After our students made us proud by securing Ranks (AIR) in IIT JAM Economics & GATE Economics 2022, especially the non economics background students, we are even more excited and looking forward to IIT JAM Economics 2023.

Why syllabus is important?

Syllabus is considered a course-planning tool which provides all the information as to what you have to learn and understand. It also helps you to prepare and organize the course for your preparation. Syllabus gathers and provides all the vital information about your course in one place and the most simplified manner.

In this part of the blog, we will discuss Microeconomics syllabus from IIT JAM Economics 2023 point of view. The IIT JAM Economics syllabus for Microeconomics is divided into 6 sub categories:-

  1. Consumer theory: Preference, utility and representation theorem, budget constraint, choice, demand (ordinary and compensated), Slutsky equation, revealed preference axioms

  2. Theory of production and cost: Production technology, isoquants, production function with one and more inputs, returns to scale, short run and long run costs, cost curves in the short run and long run

  3. General equilibrium and welfare: Equilibrium and efficiency under pure exchange and production, welfare economics, theorems of welfare economics

  4. Market structure: Perfect competition, monopoly, pricing with market power, price discrimination (first, second and third), monopolistic competition and oligopoly

  5. Game theory: Strategic form games, iterated elimination of dominated strategies, Nash equilibrium, mixed extension and mixed strategy Nash equilibrium, examples: Cournot, Bertrand duopolies, Prisoner's dilemma

  6. Public goods and market failure: Externalities, public goods and markets with asymmetric information (adverse selection and moral hazard)

IIT JAM Economics 2023 Syllabus Discussion

We have also prepared a video for IIT JAM Economics 2023 Syllabus Discussion Part 1 , which focuses on Microeconomics syllabus for IIT JAM Economics 2023.

Our IIT JAM & GATE Economics Course consist has a 3 level course structure which makes sure that your preparation more effective and in depth as proven by non economics background students as well, we starts right from :

  • Basic level

  • Intermediate level

  • Advance level

We hope this blog was helpful.

Hope this helps, till next time happy learning.

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