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Intermediate Microeconomics II




6 months or Exam whichever is earlier


About the Course

Features of Course

Recorded lectures
Quick Doubt Resolution
Complete syllabus covered
Access 6 months or exam whichever earlier

Fees - Rs 4,500
Book - Varian


Unit 1
General equilibrium, efficiency and welfare
Equilibrium and efficiency under pure exchange and production; overall efficiency and welfare economics.

Unit 2
Market structure and game theory
Monopoly; pricing with market power; price discrimination; peak-load pricing; two-part tariff; monopolistic competition and oligopoly; game theory and competitive strategy.

Unit 3
Market failure Externalities; public goods and markets with asymmetric information.

References 1. M. Osborne: An Introduction to Game Theory, Oxford University Press (2004) 2. C. Snyder, W. Nicholson: Fundamentals of Microeconomics, Cengage Learning (2010) 3. H. Varian: Intermediate Microeconomics, A Modern Approach, 8th ed., W. W. Norton (2010) Additional Resources: 1. T. Bergstrom, H. Varian: Workouts in Intermediate Microeconomics, W. W. Norton (2014)

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